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2019 will see new mid-priced (around £35,000) electric vehicles with increased ranges up to 260 miles per charge. | 2019 will still see prices of used electric vehicles rise around the world due to high demand and low supply. | January 2019 the Low Emissions Zone will be active in Glasgow and will apply to all vehicles by December 2022. / BMW i3 120Ah launch. | March Audi e-tron launch. / Kia e-Niro launch. / Tesla Model Y revealed. | April 2019 the Ultra Low Emission Zone will be active in London and spread to the inner London area bounded by the North and South Circular by October 2021. | June 2019 Tesla Model 3 makes its way to the UK. | July 2019 all UK government-funded charging points must use smart technology allowing remote access by electricity suppliers over the internet. / Mercedes EQC launch. / MG eZS launch. | August 2019 Second generation Renault Zoe launch. | September 2019 Audi e-tron Sportback launch. / Porche Taycan launch. / New version of the Hyundai Ionic launch. | October 2019 Aston Martin Rapide E launch. / Updated Kia Soul launch. / Mini Cooper S E launch. / Polestar 2 launch. | November 2019 DS 2 Crossback E-Tense launch. / Volkswagen ID launch. / Volvo XC40 Electric launch. | December 2019 Audi Q2 e-tron concept revealed. / Honda Urban EV launch. / Nissan Leaf SUV launch. / Peugeot 208 Electric launch. | Spring 2020 Vauxhall e-Corsa launch. / Seat e-Mii launch. / Skoda e-Citgo launch. | Summer 2020 BMW iX3 launch. / Skoda Vision E launch.

The QA Handbook has been created to answer common questions people have about electric vehicles.

If you are not able to find an answer, please contact us with your question and we will publish your question and answer within this QA Handbook.

Why should I consider buying an electric vehicle?


Investment in today's research and development to produce electric vehicles is now greater than traditional vehicles due to the fact of them being phased out in the coming years (UK target is 2040) due to the focus on alternatives to harmful fossil fuel, clean air and clean sustainable energy protecting our environment.

You can now purchase pure electric cars (Battery Electric Vehicle) which when fully charged can drive over 200 miles. Should you need to drive further there are plug-in hybrids (Plug-in Hybrids Electric Vehicle) which can drive nearly 500 miles.

Cost for charging a vehicle is 80 percent cheaper than petrol/diesel plus if you park in a car park and charge you might find yourself not having to pay for the car park!

The cost of purchasing an electric vehicle is coming down with the cheapest model starting at around £15,000 and the government are offering grants plus tax incentives  to help buyers. It is true to say that you will get a better part exchange for your current vehicle if petrol/diesel.

QA Handbook