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Everybody has a different requirement when considering electric vehicles and your requirement(s) might be one of the following:


So much information to consume but still you are not really sure if the right decision can be made.


Let an EV Digest consultant assist you in making the right decision so you can be confident with the choice you make.

The consultants we use are experts in various areas and based on your requirement we will ensure the correct expert is allocated to you.

Because we match an expert to your requirements the time required is usually a maximum of 15 minutes.

There is a minimal charge of £35.00 for up to 15 minutes spent with the consultant. We will only ask for payment once an expert has been identified with a scheduled date for them to contact you.

Advantages of using an EV Digest appointed consultant:

Trusted advisor to the Mayor of London’s EV Infrastructure Taskforce.

Trusted advisor to the Mayor of London’s EV Infrastructure Taskforce.

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Book a consultant