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Welcome to owner reviews of electric vehicles.

Here you will find genuine owner reviews of EV’s you might be interested in buying or want a second opinion having first looked in our showroom before arranging a test drive.

What you will not find here are any reviews for full petrol or diesel engine vehicles.

Electric vehicle

Already own an EV (can be boat, bike, truck, van, taxi, bus or any other vehicle besides car) be it electric, hybrid or fuel cell? We would love a review of your vehicle which you can submit here.

Nissan - Leaf

Nissan Leaf

I have a Nissan Leaf Tekna and the whole family are so pleased with it. Its quick enough for me, equipped enough for my wife and has loads of room for the kids. We did have range anxiety to start with but as long as you are not on a motorway the range is very accurate and you can judge distances via the SatNav easily enough. We do all our driving in town and have another car for out of town. I guess until the range hits 300 miles this is the ideal combo. Last year we did 10,000 miles in the Leaf and only 1000 on the other so it may even be cheaper to hire a second car for long drives. We will definitely be keeping the Leaf though!

S Rehman, London