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Welcome to owner reviews of hybrid vehicles.

Here you will find genuine owner reviews of EV’s you might be interested in buying or want a second opinion having first looked in our showroom before arranging a test drive.

What you will not find here are any reviews for full petrol or diesel engine vehicles.

Hybrid vehicle

Already own an EV (can be boat, bike, truck, van, taxi, bus or any other vehicle besides car) be it electric, hybrid or fuel cell? We would love a review of your vehicle which you can submit here.

Toyota - Prius

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We like our Prius Hybrid. This is the second. It's been pretty reliable, comfortable and by far and away best is how seldom we need to refuel. The only downside is when we have called out breakdown services, a hybrid trained mechanic is needed.

M Zetter, Buntingford

Toyota - Yaris

Toyota Yaris

I have a Toyota Yaris Hybrid which I bought in 2014. It is a very relaxing and smooth car to drive and very economical. I get approx 55-60 mpg in town. I think a hybrid makes you a safer driver as you are always trying to drive slowly on the electric motor and better your fuel consumption. Its great in traffic when driving on the motor as its incredibly quiet. I love my Yaris hybrid and highly recommend it.

A Davidson, Edgware